April 24, 2009


I didn’t get up until 10:50 in the morning. After breakfast, I went on to cook my lunch. These days, I’m used to have meals while watching movies. I have finished <Friends>. Sometimes, when I was doing something, the plot of the soup opera might appear in my mind all of a sudden. I even had a dream that I spoke English. I felt disconsolate and lonely without <Friends>. I really missed the days with <Friends>.laoyouji100521

April 22, 2009

I hadn’t gone out for about 10 days. I didn’t know what people are wearing outside. This afternoon I had an interview. I wore a thin sweater and a coat. On subway, I saw some guys wearing short-sleeve T-shirt, others wearing shirts. Nobody were wearing sweater, except me. But it was really cold in the underground with air conditioners. I thought they probably felt cold in their T-shirts.

The interview was terrible. I said a lot of stupid words because I hadn’t spoken to people expect Isspy, Damevi and Ann. It was really weird to speak to strangers. They asked me some questions I’ve never heard. I knew they loved my works, but my stupid answers might frighten them. If I’m an interviewer, the interviewee says “I’m shy; I think it’s hard for me to join a new company and communicate with new colleagues.” “I think I’m weird because I always spend a lot of time on details even if other people think its good enough.” What do I think? I saw their surprised expressions.